History (main)


Talisman launched in 1920

The Ketsch “Talisman” was launched as # 944 on September 28th, 1920 under the personal supervision of Henry Rasmussen.


In 1923 Talisman was bought by Hans van Eicken

In 1923 Talisman was bought by the famous German sailor Hans van Eicken together with his friends Konsul Scholl and Hans Tietgen. Talisman was renamed 'Latona'.


Latona wins the long distance race in 58 hours.

In July 1923 Latona wins the long distance race from Kiel to Pillau


An explosion caused severe damages at the yacht

During the fuel refilling process and explosion caused severe damages at the yacht. Fortunately the German Destroyer 'Moewe' which berthed nearby could rescue all guests.


Svend Illum, the famous owner of Danish Department Stores bought the yacht.

In the meantime the yacht was re-named 'Capricho'. The Gaff Rig was replaced by the more modern Bermuda Rigg.


The Yacht was donated to the Hanseatic Yacht School

The German business Georg Wilhelm Engler donated the yacht to the Hanseatic Yacht School in Gluecksburg.


The Yacht was re-located to Mallorca

After three years of sailing in the Baltics, Juergen Fiedler from Hamburg, re-located Latona - she got the previous name back - to Mallorca/Spain.


The new Swedish owners planned a refit but ended up in a restoration.

Rickard Berg and Carl Wachtmeister from Sweden bought Latona in Spain and thought about a refit but realized very fast the need of almost a total restauration.


In autumn 2014 heavy thunderstorms crossed the Swedish coast.

One thunderbolt hit Talisman berthed in the Stockholm Yacht Club and created severe damages mainly in the electronics.


In 2019 Talisman was bought by the Talisman Schiffskontor GmbH in Germany.

Although Talisman suffered still from the damages from 2014 an ambitious crew was able to sail her to Marstal in Denmark where she was berthed for a complete restoration at HCC Badeverft.

2020 - Jan

In January 2020 - the Project started with the Idea to create a perfect symbiosis.

The owners expectations - History meets Technology. How would Henry Rasmussen improve his perfect design from 1920 in 2020? Sailing Yachts in 1920 were built without engine. How can replicate this zero pollution concept in 2020 ?

2020 - Feb

1st Job - Dismantle with care to preserve all the historical relevant pieces for the rebuilt.

Not the most favorite job but we had to dismantle the whole boat to get to an empty hull. Historical relevant pieces were catalogued and put into storage.  The engine will be re-mastered and sold.